I know it’s been forever (about a year!) since I last posted to this blog, but with GDC week now fast-approaching there hasn’t been a better time for an update. I suppose I stopped posting updates here when I joined Twitter, which was around the time of my last post… and to my credit, I’ve been pretty busy this past year with quite a few announcements to make!

But before all that, I’d like to talk briefly on GDC, which is only 3 days away! This will be my 5th year attending the conference and seeing all my old friends and hopefully a few new ones. This year I’m going to GDC courtesy of some friends at TheLoop. They’re a brand-new social networking site with some pretty cool things lined up, like a developers competition where devs can win $5,000 just for submitting their idea for a game. If they like your idea, you’re awarded another $5,000 for implementation of the app on their site. All in all, it sounds like a pretty awesome chance to win some cash and get exposure, so be sure to check it out here:

TheLoop’s Developer Competition

Anyone who’s gone to GDC knows that half of the experience is the conference itself but the real fun is all of the parties, events, and mixers that take place on and around the week of GDC. This year I’ve decided to make a thread on TIGSource to track and list all of these events for anyone who’s interested in participating. I will be updating this list with new events as they hit my radar, so be sure to keep the thread bookmarked as your go-to reference for GDC week parties and events!

GDC Week Events SuperThread!!

Other than that, I’m looking forward to posting a few more updates soon with information about exactly what it is that I’ve been working on for this past year. Hint: It has a lot to do with the last thing I posted about 😉

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Independent game developer living in San Francisco.

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