This year Kokoromi‘s Gamma competition had the highest volume of submissions since they began the competition 4 years ago: 154 entries. Their previous record was 18. On February 17th, Kokoromi sent an email out to all the entrants who didn’t make it in this year’s one-button-game competition. I was among one of the people who received that email, along with all but a small handful of the 150+ indies who entered their games. Although it was disappointing to receive such an email, I couldn’t take it too personally after seeing some of the other entrants that were turned down; many of the failed entries boasted incredible quality. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to seeing the finalists of this year’s Gamma competition!

As for Spuck, Luke and I haven’t been discouraged from continuing the project. In fact, this competition gave us the opportunity to work within a deadline and really nail down the core gameplay concepts in a short amount of time. At this point in development we are planning to create a level editor, add in a few more gameplay mechanics, and of course build more content. I’ll be posting updates on this blog as the development of the game continues, so stay tuned. In the meantime, the Gamma submission build of the game is free to play online here:


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Independent game developer living in San Francisco.

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