The end of 2009 marked an exciting moment in my life; it was the first time that I got to participate in the development of a commercial game. Previously, my industry experience was limited to QA testing and production assistance, but this time I was doing the graphics for Capcom’s DSi game, Dark Void Zero. Even better, this was no ordinary graphic design job but one that I’m both very familiar with and really enjoy; 8-bit NES style pixel work.

My role on the project included working within the limitations of the NES (8 x 8 tiles and 4 color palettes) to create the background tilesets for the game. Following the project I was invited to write about my experience in development, and I came up with a very tongue-in-cheek article that laid out the technical process for creating these graphics. The article can be found on Capcom’s development blog here:

While the market for retrostylized throwbacks seems relatively new, I am hopeful that this trend will continue.


About phubans

Independent game developer living in San Francisco.

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  1. Mariolegend says:

    Yes! John Johnson mentioned that you did work for Capcom, and now I see in which project too! Oh snap! Congrats my friend! That game was even mentioned in many online game journal outlets, even on a “particular” late night talk show.
    And if you’re wondering why I know john, is because I party with the dude when invited. XD and I go the art institute too lol.

    Good stuff man, keep it up. Hope to see you around school.

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