Here is an interesting post that was brought to my attention today. Last year when I attended GDC I thought it would be funny to do “joke” business cards; using Comic Sans, I misspelled my title of Game Designer, slapped on an image of Sonic the Hedgehog, and made sure that everything on the card suffered from poor JPG compression. As a final touch, I printed these cards on regular copy paper and cut them out by hand with scissors. Apparently, these cards stood out enough to be featured as one of the “Remarkable cards” on this blog that lists tips for making your business card stand out:

Lampoon the industry: This one is similar to the above: A friend of a friend in the gaming industry had the strangest business cards for the GDC convention. He had previously worked at Sega Interactive and included their famous Sonic the Hedgehog brand character on the card. His title was “Gaem Desiner”. His business cards? Printed on regular paper and cut out with scissors. This stood out from the crowd in a bad way (he got lots of looks), but it was also remarkable. You can’t please everyone… but he sure did please and make it memorable for the people who liked it.

I plan to use the same cards this year when I go to GDC, so hopefully they will still turn heads and if not invoke a sense of curiosity, at least get a few laughs.

Original blog found here:


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  1. Jacob says:

    I think I still have the jpg on my HD! I remember when you showed it some time ago 😀

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